The Foulkes

This was a special one; Ian and Rosy are two of my closest friends so the excitement around their wedding was huge, even before they asked me if I’d shoot it. The time table leading up to the big day was anything but standard. Rosy is a professional surfer and commentator on the surfing world tour, so finding extended periods where she is home is tough at best. The two of them had been engaged for sometime and we’re still trying to figure out a stretch when they would be home at the same time as family and friends, when they realized that they were in the midst of that perfect time. Just like that, their wedding date was set...for 10 days later. It was all hands on deck with our group of friends to gather and set up everything, and the result was perfect.

The wedding day came as the tail end of a winter storm ripped through town. By mid day the skies had cleared and it was go time. Ian, Rosy, and I headed to the bluffs overlooking Lowers, a wave we all surf regularly, and shot portraits as the late afternoon sky lit up the remaining clouds. The surf was huge and made for a spectacular backdrop. We quickly wrapped up and headed up the street to Ian’s parents house where a handful of their closest family and friends waited. Everyone packed into the backyard gazebo where Ian’s brother married the couple. It was the home they were raised in, surrounded by lifelong friends.

Rosy is from South Africa where her parents still live. While they couldn’t be there in person, they face timed in for the ceremony. Mom and Dad, up in the middle of the night and dressed in their Sunday best to watch the two exchange vows-it was magical. the ceremony was sweet and intimate, the kind where everyone in attendance had known each other for years and all held a special place in the bride and groom's lives. The wedding then moved up the street to a family friends yoga studio that overlooked the ocean. A taco cart was there for dinner; drinks were set up on a small patio, and we danced the night away. 

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