The Franks

When your hometown is a destination itself, there’s no need to go anywhere for your wedding. Dustin’s family is as San Clemente as it gets, and while Hana moved to town, the small beach community quickly became home for her as well. A friend’s beachfront house gave them the perfect venue, with one of Dustin’s favorite waves just a stone’s throw from the deck. Every detail was perfect for bride and groom, the recommended attire was floral print, and as they stood poolside in the home’s courtyard their greenery reflected off the teal water bringing the perfect bit of a tropical feel to the Southern California home.

The ceremony ended just as the sun began to drop towards the horizon. We snuck down to the beach for portraits as the party started on the back deck overlooking the water.Dustin and Hana made their official entrance and kicked off the first dances,surrounded by their family and friends as the sun dipped into the ocean behind them. The rest of the evening was magical as the close knit community, many of whom had known each other their whole lives, danced and mingled under the evening sky. The night picked up steam when Mike D (yes, the Mike D of Beastie Boy’s fame) a long time friend of Dustin’s, surprised everyone by grabbing a mic and DJ’d the party. The dancing never seemed to stop until the reception moved up the street to a local venue, where a group of friends reunited their old band for one last time and played the night out to some of Dustin and Hana's favorite songs. 

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