Nikonos Project / by Kevin Voegtlin

I’ve always had a tendency to shoot things a bit differently; and by differently I mean probably the hard way. While I’d like to claim it as creative integrity, it’s probably more a result of hard headedness and a healthy up bringing of “do everything your told not to” punk rock.  When I was first being taught to film with DSLR’s I was told to bump my ISO, aim for F22, stay pulled back. Your shots will be sharp and centered. I went ahead and grabbed my longest lens, shot wide open, and learned to pull focus while shooting tight. Now, there were plenty of missed shots and out of focus turns, but there were also moments of gold that made the gamble well worth it.

Likewise, when I was handed my first Nikonos V the other day I was told that most people shoot 400 speed film. “It lets them keep the f-stop around 16 and the focus clear”. This is definitely the way to go, take a scroll through the @Nikonos_Project feed and you’ll see amazing, gorgeous photography. However, I apparently haven’t gotten any wiser to these tips and immediately grabbed a roll of Delta 3200 (who cares that the camera only meters to 1600, its film you can shoot through it one way or another) and swam out for my first time. The results came out neat. They’re weird, their super grainy, many are flat and muddy, but they’re different.