One Roll / by Kevin Voegtlin

More and more my Yashica D is becoming my go to camera. I can't get away from how enjoyable it is to shoot with, the time and focus it takes to actually compose an image, and the overall difference and quality of shooting film. There's something really neat about having one roll, 12 images, to capture what you are after. Sometimes they are mixed bags, bits and pieces from different trips or moments spanning months, sometime they are one concentrated shoot. This is one full roll–the good, the bad, the out of focus. It starts off with the Mattson 2, an amazing jazz duo play at the Del Monte Speakeasy in Venice. The venue was dark (as any speakeasy should be) and I was there to shoot video, but had to snap off a few photos for myself. The shooting conditions were tough to say the least, but there are a few moments that I'm really happy I captured. I shot about half a roll and the following day Tanner Guduaskas called me up talking about a new Polaroid he was excited about and wanted to shoot a portrait of me with, so along came the Yashica so that I could turn the camera on him and brother Dane to finish off the roll.